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Unix - Multi Ping Host Templates

#1 Post by Spark » Thu Mar 03, 2005 6:57 am


I make a script and the templates for a Multi Ping Host.
The script have the IP HOST to ping and can ping 9 Host.

Its exported from cacti 8.6 and tested in a cacti 8.6c using cactid

In the script change the IP Host for your needs and put in "path_cacti"/scripts/multi_ping.pl

Code: Select all

$ip1 = "";		#Host 1
$ip2 = "";		#Host 2
$ip3 = "";		#Host 3
$ip4 = ""; 		#Host 4
$ip5 = "";		#Host 5
$ip6 = "";		#Host 6
$ip7 = "";		#Host 7
$ip8 = "";		#Host 8
$ip9 = "";       	#Host 9
#$ip10 = "";		#Host 10
Suggestions ? :D
Multi Ping Host
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Unix - Multi Ping Host
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Multiping Error

#2 Post by smartech1 » Wed Mar 28, 2007 9:53 am


I tried to add your template,

I imported both data and graph template.

Edited Multping.pl file and added my interest IPs to ping and saved in /usr/local/cacti-0.8.6i/scripts/multping.pl fine??

While adding the graph, I am confused how to add it. For associated graph or interface?? Since i have given 9 IP addresses to ping, how can i add interface or host ,which has its seperate ips.but my IPs mentioned in .pl files are differant.

I added to hosts associated graphs ,but its not graphing at all.

Could you please what way i can add it??

THanks in advance.

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Re: Unix - Multi Ping Host Templates

#3 Post by dennisblah » Thu Jun 11, 2015 2:35 am

Hi all,

I know this is an old thread, but I'm having difficulties with this template.

I'd like to use this to monitor connection from my WiFi AP's, the gateway and an external host.

The script is working fine, as I manually trigger it by py /var/www/html/scripts/multi_ping.pl I'm getting desired information.

But the graph stays empty.

I've done the following:
- importing data and graph template by the webinterface.
- uploaded the adjusted script to /var/www/html/scripts/multi_ping.pl

Took an existing device (which is the actual asa for this WiFi)
And done, 'create graphs for this host' and took the multi-ping template.

the graph is being created but no information shown.
The multi ping also does not show under 'Associated Graph Templates' and/or 'Associated Data Queries' and not available in the dropdown list.

Can anyone please help me?

Any help?

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