External delayed data & scripts

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External delayed data & scripts

#1 Post by k » Mon Mar 21, 2005 12:45 pm


I'm doing some work to integrate netview with cacti, but I'm not sure I'm going down the right route as I'm rather new to cacti. I've done it already straight to RRD files no problem, but from the looks of cacti it can significantly simplify the work my scripts need to do & the interface is superb!

The problem I think I've hit is how to tell cacti (rrd really I guess), what the timestamp on the sample is - from what I've seen of the scripts so far they assume that the time is 'now'.

To explain more - my data feed looks like this - the format is just what I'm using right now & will need to be changed into the fieldname:value cacti format of course:

<epoch time>,<source>,<host sampled>,<oid/name>,<instance>,<value>

What's the best approach to get this kind of data into cacti?

I can't take a real time feed from Netview - that would be too much load on the system, also my data comes back for many hosts, many oid's and many instancces - all at once - I can perl this to deal with that through some sorting.

If I step back a bit, as a user, I'd say I want a chart per host per counter & each chart contains all instances from the device. This will at least get me started.

To do this I'm thinking I need to:
1. Make a new Data Input Method which is also able to provide the sample timestamp.
2. Create a template that will take a feed from a couple of default (ifIn/OutOctets & their mates) - use the template to more easily add new hosts.
3. Investigate scripting the creation of new hosts & attaching graphs via a template from the netview object database - well one day anyway!

Can anyone point me the right way - I've read the manual.pdf a couple of times, but it's not quite gone in yet!



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