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by JosephA
Tue Nov 30, 2004 5:51 pm
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Topic: Monitor Vmware ESX
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Replying to a rather old post, but in case anybody else is wondering...

The console OS for ESX is Linux at the moment, so you can monitor the ESX server just like you would any Linux server. By default snmpd is not running, so you will have to enable that and you should be good to go.
by JosephA
Thu Oct 07, 2004 7:26 pm
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Topic: Hitting the ceiling... Post your stats here! :)
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Funny, I was just about to post to ask just how many objects could be polled on one system. We want to poll about 4000-5000 objects, is anybody currently doing this? We have this running on Fedora Core 2 in a VM with dual 2.8Ghz P4s and 512 ram. MySQL 3.23.58 RRDtool 1.0.45 Cacti 0.8.6b Perl 5.8.0 P...