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by uwo_nms
Wed Jun 15, 2005 3:20 am
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Topic: voice in cisco gateway...
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voice in cisco gateway...

I have a cisco gateway with some E1, each E1 has 31 channels. Does anybody know how to get (OID) howmany channels used at the time, average (eg: for last 5 mins/daily). I've seen it before in an MRTG but dont know the OID... :(.
by uwo_nms
Wed Mar 09, 2005 10:06 pm
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Topic: CPU Usage for Solaris
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I've got same problem with :

snmpget -v1 -c yyyyy xxxxx .

Reason: (noSuchName) There is no such variable name in this MIB.
Failed object: UCD-SNMP-MIB::ssCpuRawWait.0

The MIB doesnt have it.

what should I do?