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Re: linux -> Windows WMI

#61 Post by zeroy » Wed Apr 07, 2010 11:47 am

royce wrote:Next, I use a quick and dirty solution to fix the buffered-output problem. I run the through a script that just echo's all output up front. (Because cactid/php want it that way..) anyway. Dirty dirty.

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E=`/usr/share/cacti/scripts/uptime/ $1 $2`

echo $E
Ok, i got the command setup, i believe they are:

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command[win32_uptime2]=c:\uptime\uptime.exe /s
But i dont get the part with the above little scripts for output. Currently Cacti outputs the Uptime and SLA:

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04/07/2010 05:45:17 PM - CMDPHP: Poller[0] Host[2] DS[160] CMD: sh /var/www/cacti/scripts/uptime/ <my_host> 99.9900, output: cur_uptime:2851513 sla_avail:99.9900
But i think im missing the other output data?

Can anyone help?

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