host_location in graph title - how do I do it ?

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host_location in graph title - how do I do it ?

#1 Post by dennett » Mon Aug 21, 2006 2:06 am

Hi, When you edit a device there is some generic snmp detail at the top left. E.g

Armidale Contivity 1100 (
SNMP Information
System: CES V05_00.136
Uptime: 167072540
Hostname: Armidale Contivity 1100
Location: Armidale - ADSL Service # 0425 555 2160
Contact: DNR ICT San Jose

How do I use the host_location in a graph title. I've tried many things but all to no avail. I'm using the generic SNMPhost template for the device.

The variable itself is defined in RFC1213-MIB and is kown as sysLocation.0 - OID



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