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#31 Post by gab » Mon May 04, 2009 8:48 am

Thanks for your response but it doesn't fix my problem.
I think that there's a bug in the Citrix License Server Setup.
I'm going to open a case to my support.

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Re: templates for Win32/Citrix/MSSQL

#32 Post by Oleev » Tue Jun 26, 2012 1:47 pm

Hi Jonas,

Thanks for your templates !
(Do you speak French ? :roll: )

I have installed CTX SDK. It's ok.
I've test the vbs file on the Citrix License Server and results are good (sreenshot).
Citrix Licensing WMI service is start (sreenshot).

I only use get_ctxlicense.vbs, i've imported XML and have copied the XML files in <path_cacti>/resource/script_queries/ dir.
I can add graph and create one with the template (License) but the graph is always empty...

Do I copy the VBS file anywhere? If, where ? ^^
Is the VBS file it use to poll (or just to "test" the connection ?) or do it called by the poller ?

I hope to be clear enough...!

I've noticed that the poller prompt display ERROR : Not enough arguments (sreenshot) since I use the template, so i'm sure there is an error... ^^

Could you help me ?

Have a nice evening
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Best Regards, Oleev

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