OID for Non Standard Port and community SNMP [Meraki]

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OID for Non Standard Port and community SNMP [Meraki]

#1 Post by vodka » Tue Oct 06, 2015 12:04 pm

Hi all, tried to search for this but came up empty; although I'm sure at some point others have had this need.

I would like to poll a single OID on a Meraki device. However, the community name is not public, and the port is non-standard. In order to get certain data for Meraki devices, one must poll the "cloud controller" (essentially the cloud portal) with a specific community name and port number. Polling the device (internal IP) will not get this data.

Is there a way to create something like this (easily), going through the GUI?

I have
-the host/IP:
-the OID
-the port number
-the community name

I can do a command line lookup using SNMPGET which is returning the value, however I would like to get this on a graph.

-PS. I'm on Windows, my Linux as well as scripting knowledge is very limited.

Essentially if there is some "how-to"s i can use as reference, this would be ideal.

Thank you in advance.
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