Nagios Plugin NPC and retain_state_information=0

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Nagios Plugin NPC and retain_state_information=0

#1 Post by ralfk » Wed Dec 21, 2005 6:03 am


first I would like to congratulate to this great plugin.

I have noticed that after setting retain_state_information=0 in Nagios, Nagios does not only restart all checks (as mentioned in the NPC README) after I restart or reload Nagios. Moreover, Nagios does also forget that I have disabled notifications or host/service checks in the native Nagios GUI. This is bad, since I now need to change the Nagios configuration files in order to disable service checks etc. And this means that I have to reload Nagios, which leads to checking everything again.

So, please could you change the inserter module in that way, that I can set retain_state_information=1. This would be a great Xmas present for me ;-)


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