Bug on boost server ?

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Bug on boost server ?

#1 Post by c3226026 » Fri Apr 15, 2011 3:29 am


I wanted to know if I'm alone to have this matter with boost server, because I've tryed the two options :

- with init.d
- with inittab

but in the two cases, when I want to see graphs I've always :

04/15/2011 08:11:44 AM - BOOST: Poller[0] ERROR: Timeout detected. Boost server is down. Contact support immediately!!
04/15/2011 08:11:04 AM - CMDPHP: Poller[0] ERROR: SQL Assoc Failed!, Error:'2006', SQL:"SHOW TABLES LIKE '%boost%'"

and when I done a telnet => Server Status OKConnection closed by foreign host.

for the init.d solution if I done a cacti_rrdsvc restart before (but I can done this each time) => I've no error but long time to see graph.

Without server boost no error (boost poller, it's normal) and quick graph generated

I'm on cacti 0.8.7g with spine 0.8.7h (but it same with 0.8.7g) and boot 4.3 with the two tables in memory

Enable on demand rrd updating activate

if someone can clarify this, it will be cool.

Thanks in advanced.

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