Realtime Cant show more than 2 graphs

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Realtime Cant show more than 2 graphs

#1 Post by Cornel » Tue Dec 01, 2015 8:56 am

OK. So I have this odd weird issue going. I need to be able to run realtime for 4 graphs of mine, to monitor every 15 secs the network status.
The issue is this:
Everytime I run 2 graphs in realtime, it works fine, no issues. The moment I bring up a 3rd graph with realtime, bam, the graph does not show up and the first 2 graphs stop updating data, but the countdown still works in IE/Chrome.
My realtime details are as follows:
Graph Timespan: 5 Minutes
Syncronize Graphs: Checked
Use Ajax: Checked
Refresh Intervals: 15 seconds
Cache Directory: /var/www/html/cache/

My Cacti details:
Im running Cacti 0.8.8b on Ubuntu Server 14.04

Now I go into the /var/www/html/cache/ directory (after I close all Realtime graphs), and remove all rrd temp graphs. I open up again 3 graphs, bam, the realtime graphs will no longer update and the 3rd graph will not show anything.

Has anyone ran into this issue before?

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