Is Discovery plug-in still alive or nothing is gona change

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Is Discovery plug-in still alive or nothing is gona change

#1 Post by Rno » Thu Aug 18, 2016 7:19 am

Is the Discovery plug-in development still alive ?
I find some error on name resolution and dnsname, dnsname_short case sensitive sometime and sometime put to lowercase, and snmp_sysname name case sensitive, but snmp_sysname_short changed to lowercase

And that's very annoying since discovery is unable to find a host with a lowercase hostname, so it create a new record of the same host, but with the IP in hostname instead of the name

As for the grape created I don't understand how it works !

I have cisco-router as template and the 2 graphs created are CPU and broadcast !??!
Cacti 0.8.8h
Spine 0.8.8h
PIA 3.1
Aggregate 0.75
Monitor 1.3
Settings 0.71
Weathermap 0.98
Thold 0.5
rrdclean 0.41

Own plugin: LinkDiscovery 0.45, Map 0.37

Cacti 1.2.6
Spine 1.2.6
thold 1.0.6
monitor 2.3.5
php 7.2.11
mariadb 5.5.56
Own plugin:
ExtendDB 1.1.2
LinkDiscovery 1.2.6
Map 1.2.6

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