Mactrack 3.0 - Empty tabs & no data in WEB.

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Mactrack 3.0 - Empty tabs & no data in WEB.

#1 Post by sd3m0n » Tue Dec 29, 2015 1:52 am

Cacti 0.8.8f
Mactrack 3.0 (downloaded from

I've installed plugin in regular mode via web-interface. But now there is a problem... the whole page under <Mactrack> tab is empty same as the page under the menu <SNMP options>. Pages are simply blank white. And when I've imported Vendor Macs database via oui.txt file, I can't see any records under the <Vendor Macs> menu, only records count in the header. And when I create a Site or the device or the device type the same problem occure... The item is created but is not shown in the list on the web page. The database tables are populated, but somehow the php page does not show them.

In Mactrack 2.9-1 there are no such problems. They only occure when using 3.0 version. May be I'm using the wrong distr, or simply do the wrong install/configure...

Can anyone please help with this problem? Thnx a lot.

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