Attn: Howie Issue wit Weathermap Editor post FireFox upgrade

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Attn: Howie Issue wit Weathermap Editor post FireFox upgrade

#1 Post by ikorzha758 » Tue Oct 06, 2015 12:37 pm

Howie, from Firefox v36 and above, when you're editing a node, when you reach the right edge of the posting box, the text does not wrap to the next line automatically. Instead, a horizontal scrollbar will appear and your typing will continue on to the right. This is caused by Firefox 36 and above respecting a piece of code that was previously ignored.

What that I read it has to be fixed via the .css file. Can you please specify which file and which lines to modify to correct the behavior to what it previously was. Or at best, attached the corrected .css to this thread.
I'm attaching the screenshot for your reference with run-away line affect.
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Re: Attn: Howie Issue wit Weathermap Editor post FireFox upg

#2 Post by Howie » Tue Oct 06, 2015 1:41 pm

Hmm, well...

When you just type without pressing return, I would say that it *should* continue to the right. However when you press return it should honour that.

Looking at the mozilla forum posts about it, I think you need to change a line in editor.css:

the one line with textarea in it should read:

Code: Select all

#dlgTextEdit textarea { padding: 3px; white-space: pre; }
If you really do want it to wrap instead of scrolling (I think this is more confusing) - then pre-wrap instead of pre should do that.

There used to be a similar issue with IE at one stage, but only in certain situations.
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