Adding to Existing Data Input Method

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Adding to Existing Data Input Method

#1 Post by bullet » Wed Jun 29, 2016 5:10 am


I had tried to get various parameters of my linux box via a shell script using the "Data Input Method". The graph worked properly. My output of my script looked like [1].

Then I thought that I needed more values from my linux boxes to be tracked so
Step1: I modified the "DIM" to include more fields as shown in [2].
Step2: After this I took enough care to go and make modification in my Data Template's "Data Source Item" to included the two new fields of "s" and "r".
Step3: Edited my Graph Template to include the new "Data Sources".
Step4: After this is done all my graphs stopped from getting populated with data. When I tried to edit the devices which include this graph template and click on Edit the "Associated Graph Template" I dont see the new data sources of "s" and "r" being associated with any thing I wonder why.

a:a1 b:b1 c:c1 d:d1 e:e1

a:a1 b:b1 s:s1 r:r1 c:c1 d:d1 e:e1

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