Getting Threshold traffic reach 40G

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Getting Threshold traffic reach 40G

#1 Post by hardwar315 » Thu Sep 28, 2017 8:52 pm

Hi All,
I've a router juniper MX960 and have traffic is 120Gbps. I am trying to set a 40Gigabits threshold on traffic in and traffic out graphs. I don't understand the threshold current numbers. They are in orders of magnitude higher than the data I am seeing.

I am using 64-bit counters, does this cause a problem? What is the correct math for converting this current value into Gigabits/s?
How do configure CDEF's value to correct traffic when over 40G?

P/S: I've using cacti 1.1.16 and threshold 1.0.3
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cacti 1.1.16

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