Disk space issues with Thold

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Disk space issues with Thold

#1 Post by jround » Thu Jan 10, 2019 7:53 am

Cacti 1.138 with Thold 1.0.3

I set up all our Windows hosts with Host MIB - Hard Drive Space [hdd_used] thresholds for a 90% (warning) level and 95% (alert) level all to the same configuration (they all have SNMP Informant installed)

But as you can see, for some reason some servers / disks are failing to report in and just showing as '0' and I don't know what is different that would be causing that?

Also, one of our servers has a 30TB drive with 10TB free and the Thold reports as 151.38% used! So that is a bit confusing too :)
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Re: Disk space issues with Thold

#2 Post by Osiris » Thu Jan 10, 2019 5:52 pm

This may be a net-snmp configuration issue. Can you please check the snmpd.conf setting on the device for the following setting? If it's disabled, enable it. You will have to re-index the device afterward.

realStorageUnits = 0

Make sure it's 0. Cacti attempts to compensate for older version of Net-SNMP by some weird math. However, it's not required in more recent versions of Net-SNMP.
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