New plugin: nmidInventory

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New plugin: nmidInventory

#1 Post by phalek » Mon Apr 28, 2014 1:23 pm

I've just released a new small plugin which adds some new inventory fields to a host.

Currently the following fields can be retrieved and stored for SNMP enabled devices:
  • SNMP Location
  • SNMP Contact
  • SNMP SysObjectID
These fields are stored in the Cacti database and are also filled when using discovery.

The following plugins support these additional fields:
  • Autom8 ( rules can be based on these fields )
  • Discovery
You can find the new plugin here:

If you need further support send an email to [email protected] or visit
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CereusServer Master:  SYSTEM STATS: Time:2.5621 Method:spine Processes:1 Threads:16 Hosts:446 HostsPerProcess:446 DataSources:14683 RRDsProcessed:7573
CereusServer Agent:   SYSTEM STATS: Time:27.4840 Method:spine Processes:1 Threads:8 Hosts:16 HostsPerProcess:16 DataSources:114576 RRDsProcessed:48061

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Re: New plugin: nmidInventory

#2 Post by hmorandell » Mon Dec 31, 2018 2:46 pm


is a version of this plugin available to work with Cacti 1.2?
I found it very useful, and now that I migrate I get the message that it is not compatible...

Cacti - 0.8.8c
Poller Type - SPINE 0.8.7i
Server Info - Linux - Opensuse 11
Web Server - Apache/2.2.13 PHP 5.3.3
MySQL - 5.1.49 ;RRDTool - 1.3.7 ;SNMP -

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Re: New plugin: nmidInventory

#3 Post by netniV » Tue Jan 01, 2019 6:10 pm

The above fields are already retrieved by Cacti I believe (at least you see them at the top of the device edit page). I'm not sure if all three are stored in the database without looking.

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