Autom8 - graphs disappeared

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Autom8 - graphs disappeared

#1 Post by jtsmartins » Tue May 02, 2017 9:40 am

Hi guys,

We have Cacti 0.8.8b with Autom8 0.35.

This was working fine until we had 2 devices that lost all interface graphs... further checking the devices, it seems that they have all the data sources created but, somehow, this lost the graph relation.

In the device description we ca see:
- number of graphs: 10
- number data sources: 1322

When I tried to create the graphs using the same graph template the system doesn't accept it, being the interfaces greyed out, informing that they already exist... Checking in the log for this device it is possible to see multiple autom8 entries like the ones bellow:

Code: Select all

05/02/2017 03:25:27 PM - AUTOM8 TRACE: Poller[0] create_dq_graphs Host[1242] - checking index: 84377617
05/02/2017 03:25:27 PM - AUTOM8: Poller[0] create_dq_graphs Host[1242] Not Adding Graph - this graph already exists - DS[322553]
Can anyone help with this?

Best regards,

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