Cacti Mirage Plugin - mirage_poller_output.log - HOW TO USE?

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Cacti Mirage Plugin - mirage_poller_output.log - HOW TO USE?

#1 Post by EugenioS » Wed Nov 28, 2018 9:52 am

Hello to everyone,

I'm new to Cacti.

I'm using the Cacti Mirage plugin to send data to my SIEM (Splunk).

I would like to return the value of a metric: bigipv-feint-000_traffic_in_1582.rrd

this is my command:

rrdtool info /usr/share/cacti/rra/bigipv-feint-000_traffic_in_1582.rrd

That gives me back the value.: filename = "/usr/share/cacti/rra/bigipv-feint-000_traffic_in_1582.rrd"

ds[traffic_in].value = 1.4795155160e+07

But in the file "mirage_poller_output.log" I do not find the "value" but the last_ds

[root @ lxmfw001 cacti] # grep "ldi = \" 1582 \ "" mirage_poller_output.log
ldi = "1582" t = "1543306502" rrdn = "traffic_in" rrdv = "39577340172528"

Is it possible to set the plugin in such a way as to always log the "value"?

Or is there a rule that sometimes logs the "value" and other times the "last_ds"?

Thank to everybody

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Re: Cacti Mirage Plugin - mirage_poller_output.log - HOW TO

#2 Post by netniV » Thu Nov 29, 2018 3:26 am

The mirage plugin records values as they come in rather than querying the file (if I recall correctly). So, I believe it would depend on the data type as to the value that you would see in the cacti log or mirage log. To understand that better you should read about the different data types. ... ms-section

The Data Source Type explains the difference between them.

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