Use the cacti syslog/eventlog feature

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Use the cacti syslog/eventlog feature

#1 Post by eholz1 » Mon May 06, 2019 9:18 pm

Hello All,

One more question - what php file in cacti handles sending data to the cacti.log file?
I have dicovered that I can config cacti to use the system log fille for cacti information,
with a catch: the SPINE ERROR messages (i.e. DOWN device) always goes to the messages file, and so do the STATS.
But when the device comes back up - the cacti.log files contains a "NOTICE" message in the file stating the device
has RECOVERED. This message does not get sent to the system log file.

Any ideas on how I can capture this message?

I am trying to use the cacti syslog/event log feature.
I am running cacti-1.1.38 on RHEL 6.10.

I have set the syslog feature in "General" to logfile and syslog/event log
I have set the log level to Debug just for testing.

I have set the Threshold tap to use syslog.
It seems to make no difference what the settings are as
far as the "facility" or the "level"

I only get a message in the syslog for the device DOWN status.
I never get the message for RECOVERED, i.e. NOTICE message

I am using syslog-ng for the logging function,
and a filter for the cacti messages, based on the default
settings for the source of the system.

Any suggestions on how to configure this to work?


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