Pre-Installation question, regarding containers

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Pre-Installation question, regarding containers

#1 Post by phobos » Fri Jul 26, 2019 1:40 pm

Hello Cacti users,

I think about migrating away from my Cricket instance, switching to Cacti though it might be my current setup isn't really compatible. Well, right now at the monitoring server there're several container (chroot / jail) environment running.
If these one of these environments is reachable from the outside, the container itself can't do any communication anywhere, except through a TCP / UDP proxy to specific targets.
As example, a webserver runs inside a container, serves content to users, but can't do any communication anywhere by itself, e.g. running some update script. Like you put a client in a VLAN that is accessible, but can't access anything by itself.

So far so good, Cricket is running in one of these containers behind a Lighttpd instance and it's grapher.cgi for parsing the RRD data. The collector then again runs outside of the container environment, where it can reach all targets I want to collect information.

As far as I (maybe mis-) understood Cacti has Spine to collect and Spine can run anywhere, while Cacti runs somewhere else.

A try in a test environment didn't came far, as Cacti's installation routine is a bit picky about having binaries accessible which will never exist, as the intention is to do the collection somewhere else and just let Cacti do the graphing.

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Re: Pre-Installation question, regarding containers

#2 Post by netniV » Fri Jul 26, 2019 3:23 pm

Spine and Cacti usually share the same MySQL database and RRD file locations. You can kinda work around that the files part by using RRDproxy which can proxy the requests.

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Re: Pre-Installation question, regarding containers

#3 Post by Osiris » Mon Jul 29, 2019 5:23 am

Sounds like a good use case for multiple data collectors.
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