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No plugins found

#1 Post by rolandsj » Fri Dec 28, 2012 5:49 am

I'm having trouble installing (any) plugin. Some facts:

- CentOS 6.3;
- Cacti 8.8a;
- Cacti installed using YUM (placed here: /usr/share/cacti/).

I did have the plugin directory (it's under /usr/share/cacti/plugins), but when i place a plugin here, there is nothing found under the "plugin management" entry in the web interface from Cacti. I already added permissions to my cacti mysql user, try to change to owner for the plugin folder en subfolders to root and try to chmod folder under the plugin folder to 755, without any success.

I also did try to manually add the plugin(s) to the /usr/share/cacti/plugins/config.php file, without any results, i do not have any plugins listed under plugin management.

Anyone a suggestion what to do?

Any help is appriciated.


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