External XML Values to use in Cacti?

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External XML Values to use in Cacti?

#1 Post by pshankland » Mon Oct 15, 2012 9:35 am

Hi, I have just bought some DPS Power Distribution Units which can be monitored through SNMP.

As well as SNMP they also produce an XML file:

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<server host="PDU1" address="" address-backup="" name="EM8/DPS1" version="2.06" mac-address="00:19:85:E0:B3:4B" company="Data & Power Solutions" company-url="http://www.dataandpower.com" support-email="[email protected]" support-phone="+44 (0) 1823 275100" console-id="em2" buzzer="0" tempunit="C" layout-rev="512"><devices><device id="EM08001985E0B34B" name="PDU1" type="em8_dps1" available="1" index="0"><field key="CIRCUIT1" value="6.01" niceName="Amps Circuit 1" min="0" max="30" type="2"/></device></devices><alarms><alarm device-id="EM08001985E0B34B" field="CIRCUIT1" em-trip="0" em-warn="0" enabled="0" status="clear" cid="0"/></alarms></server>
Is there an easy way I could use the URL (http://<ip>/data.xml) and parse the value after "value" to Cacti for monitoring?


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Re: External XML Values to use in Cacti?

#2 Post by gandalf » Mon Oct 15, 2012 3:42 pm

You can do so by coding a script. But this will be 10E+02 to 10E+03 times slower compared to a plain SNMP request

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