Not Receiving DOWN Email Notifications

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Not Receiving DOWN Email Notifications

#1 Post by AngryPanda » Thu Jan 17, 2019 1:34 pm

In the past month, I have been receiving UP email notification without receiving the associated DOWN email notification. I have found that it is not always consistent, but every few days, I will just receive a random UP notification. If I look in the Cacti web UI, I will see that the server was actually down due to the system uptime properly matching the timestamp of the UP email notification. However, the DOWN alerts is nowhere to be found. I have rebooted my Cacti server, but that has not seemed to resolve the issue. I did log into the web UI to take a look at the THold and notification settings and did not see anything out of place. I am running Cacti version 1.1.1 on Debian 8.
|Cacti Version - 1.1.1| |Poller Type - SPINE 1.1.27|
|OS - Debian 8(Jesse)| |Web Server - Apache/2.4.10|
|PHP - 5.6.30| |MySQL - 5.6.35| |RRDTool - 1.4.x| |SNMP -|
|Plugins| (Flowview 2.0|Hmib 3.0|Thold 1.0.2)

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Re: Not Receiving DOWN Email Notifications

#2 Post by Osiris » Thu Jan 17, 2019 7:28 pm

Once Cacti 1.2.1 is released, you should: 1) Upgrade, 2) Get all the latest versions of the plugins. Cacti did 40+ release last year, and your's is an old release.
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