SNMP Data does not update

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SNMP Data does not update

#1 Post by spinsq » Fri Mar 15, 2019 8:48 am


I am creating a graph to monitoring Proxim Quickbridge SNR data. Ik have found the OID and I can create the graph.
Only it does not seem to update, every 5 minutes it reports the same value. However when i do a SNMPGET on my linux machine I see another value. After I did the SNMPGET my graph also changes to the value received from my SNMPGET command.
I have attached a screensshot of the graph. During the night it was constant 55 (because I did not do a SNMPGET on the linux machine). During the day you can see it changes because of the manual SNMPGET.

I can see the the rrdtool output that the value in the .rrd files don't change until I have done the SNMPGET command.

Any ideas to what might be the root cause?
Thanks in advance!

Best Regards
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