How do I disable php-snmp? (previously: Downgrade to 1.1.34)

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How do I disable php-snmp? (previously: Downgrade to 1.1.34)

#1 Post by vudiemphuongchi » Tue May 21, 2019 10:11 am


I am currently on 1.1.38. Is it possible to downgrade to 1.1.34?

The reason I am interested in downgrading is because SNMP over TCP broke in 1.1.38. I had TCP working in .34 which was the last version I was using prior to upgrading to .38

This is the error .38 gives me:

Session SNMP error - SNMP::__construct(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known

I have read the post providing a temporary solution to this problem but it appears it only applies to version 0.8.7 (if I recall correctly).

I have low quality connections to several of my remote hosts where TCP performs much better than UDP - I'm not loosing packets. I've confirmed this with manual snmpwalk commands.

Thanks for any info!

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Re: How do I disable php-snmp? (previously: Downgrade to 1.1

#2 Post by Osiris » Sat Jul 13, 2019 6:16 pm

Please check with the latest 1.2.5 (develop) to see if this issue is now resolved.
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