Change Yearly (1 Day Average) step

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Change Yearly (1 Day Average) step

#1 Post by mike707 » Tue Oct 08, 2019 4:18 am

I am using cacti for many years, thank you for the great software!
First we run version 0.87, now we have running 1.1.35 on Centos it works fine only one thing we like to change.

We like to change the Yearly grafic (1 Day Average). We have found the new future for GPRINT:MAX of MAX that works good. Now only the grafic.
I know it a 1 Day Average But can we change this? And how we must do that?

Example when we use the filter we show the last 2 month. The grafic it correct and when we set the filter on last 3 month he show a lower max grafic.
I think he swtich over from 2 hour steps to 1 day Average step?
Is there a way to change it? It is not correct when we show it to a customer

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