How to get 'current inbound/outbound traffic value' directly

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How to get 'current inbound/outbound traffic value' directly

#1 Post by irvan.mohamad » Sun Mar 21, 2010 8:49 am

Hello everyone, i am trying to write a plugin and i have a trouble to get current inbound/outbound traffic value. What i want to get is current inbound and outbound value that appear in graph view tab when we choose 'Last Day' item in 'Presets' combobox. If any of you ever use the famous cacti plugin called 'network-weathermap', it shows the bandwidth utilization over the arrow between nodes. It is calculated by dividing the current inbound/outbound traffic value (that i am trying to get) with the maximum bandwidth. And then multiply it with 100 to get percentage.

Is there any way to get that current inbound/outbound traffic value directly with php script and store to database? I am not familiar with rrdtool. So, i think there is a way to get it without study the rrdtool.

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Taken From Network-Weathermap
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