boost plugin permissions problem

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boost plugin permissions problem

#1 Post by porzech » Fri Mar 20, 2015 5:45 pm

Install Centos 7
cacti 0.8.8c installed from tgz file (manually)
Boost plugin version 5.1
for now im trying to get functons enabled one by one (first the least problematic i hoped) image cache

iv installed and enabled the plugin
created a dir for image cache and chowned and chmoded it aprprietly (owner cactiuser - pooler and phpfpm runs with the same user so no issues here)
directory rights owner rwx, group rx, others no rights (no sticky bits set on this dir)
put the full dir path in Location for Image Files
enabled image caching
images are created in the directory but with wrong permissions
--w--wx-wT. ???
-rw-r-----. <- it shoul be like this i think
manualy changing attributes on files (adding read privilege for file owner) solves problem of graphs not displaing in cacti but new files are again created with wrong attributes
Any idea what might be causing this odd problem ?

-- update --

disabling Thold 0.5 plugin somehow solved the graphs not displaing issue even tho the strange premissions remain same

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Re: boost plugin permissions problem

#2 Post by browniebraun » Tue May 12, 2015 10:31 pm

There is a tiny bug in Boost causing this. Edit setup.php and change line 961. Instead of "666" permissions should be set to "0666". That's all.

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