Cacti installation gone bad?

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Cacti installation gone bad?

#1 Post by KaiB » Mon Apr 24, 2006 5:55 am


I have been enjoying Cacti for a while now, but recently it has started to act more and more odd.

It started after I had imported the Advanced Ping script, then the Cacti self monitor script stoped working along with PIX cpu and session monitor. But the Advanced Ping was a lot more helpfull to me so I didnt care.

While importing and testing out a data/graph template towards Exchange servers it started locking up the web service when trying to display certain graphs. The screen doesnt even load the graph, and if graph debuging is enabled it locks up with the final line "RRDTool Says:" and there it stops.The process itself ran and updated the rrd files but I had to boot the server to be able to read the Cacti web page again.

Now, it wont display new graphs made. Made a custome SNMP Generic graph towards a single OID, and a new Advanced Ping data source and they just return Nan.

When I enable medium loging to see the statistics, the poller results are entirely correct with no error message. Graph view with debuging doesnt return any errors either.

Some system information:
2003 Server SP1
Webserver: IIS 6.0
Cacti: 0.8.6h
MySQL: 4.1.18
PHP: 5.1.2
RRDTool: 1.2 Cygwin zip
Using cmd.php @ 1 minute interval.

I have a suspicion though that I have somewhat screwed up the configuration somewhere, been trying this and that to make new graphs and make others work better or different and trying to solve issues. I cant find any permission issues with filemon, but I just to be sure gave alle the users that Cacti need + Everyone modify permission to Cacti and its subfolders. I recently did it again just to be sure and now Cacti self monitor also locks up the web service.

Been going over all posible settings in Cacti and it leaves me clueless. :roll:

Any ideas anyone?

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#2 Post by rony » Mon Apr 24, 2006 8:29 am

Moved to Win32
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#3 Post by BSOD2600 » Mon Apr 24, 2006 11:02 am

Take a read through my widows install guide in my signature, to double check your settings.

Search your system for multiple versions of cygwin1.dll and delete them; you only should have one. This is why installing cygwin is recommended.

Might want to use Sysinternals FileMon (outlined here and see if there is anything getting denied during a polling session or graphing.

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#4 Post by KaiB » Tue Apr 25, 2006 5:34 am

Thanks for the reply :)

After going through your installation guide again I noticed I had the Cygwin dll's two places, main installation and from the RRDTool Cygwin zip so I renamed all the ddl's in the Cacti folder. Didnt chage anything.

So I killed the Wintendo IIS server and installed Apache for the first time, no more web service crashes and better response, so i guess that part of my problems was IIS related.

And about the graphing problem I have gotten that issue resolved as well. Dont know what it was but after I had been trying to get cactid.exe to work with the Advanced Ping template "again". All my new graphs was finaly showing. I know I have cleared the poller cache multiple times while troubleshooting it so it must have been something else that was incorrect and stuck that got flushed when I changed back and forth between cmd.php and cactid to get debug information after changes.

So case closed :)

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