CACTI pauses every 30 minutes

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CACTI pauses every 30 minutes

#1 Post by JSchuricht » Wed Mar 14, 2018 4:43 am

I am a bit baffled on this one. Using the windows installer on a 2012r2 server, server was a clean install before cacti was added as the only thing on the server. At the hour and hour +30 minute mark I get a gap in all graphs. The log doesn't even have any activity during this time, its blank with debug turned on. The only thing I can see is the scheduled task finishes early like at 01:58:45 then restarts at 02:00:00 but I see that at other times when there are not gaps. Every once in a while it will graph but then goes back to missing a poll at the 30 minute mark again. This is with 1 minute polls that complete under 30 seconds.

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Re: CACTI pauses every 30 minutes

#2 Post by netniV » Wed Mar 14, 2018 5:52 am

That does sound strange. Do you have any plugins enabled?

If you have it set to a 1 minute poller with a 1 minute cron (or scheduled task in your case) then the poller process restarts every minute. That has the advantage of keeping any likely hood for memory creep/bloat down. So, there should be no difference between 1 minute to the next for launching the process.

If you have it set to a 1 minute poller with a 5 minute cron, then the poller runs longer (~5 minutes) but restarts polling within it's loops every minute.

So the real question is, what is the delay you see at 30 minutes, is it one polling cycle? If so, check the scheduled task history to see if it actually ran the poller.

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