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#1 Post by raX » Wed Dec 12, 2001 7:41 pm

Cacti version 0.6.1 has been released. Grab a copy in the download area. Here is what's new:

-bug: Fixed a parsing bug with snmp, more parsing is done
in cacti's code and not via arguments passed to
-auth: Updated the function used to hash passwords
(more compatible with older MySQL versions), more
strict on document caching.
-feature: Easier installation: cacti now checks for common
problems and gives suggestions. Database updates are
also done at this time.
-bug: Fixed a problem with adding new data input sources.
-bug: Problem saving the wrong numbers for 'Round Robin
-feature: Ability to preview the output of the cron script
from a web browser under 'Cron Printout'.
-feature: Added 'Logout User' to the menu.
-bug: Removed some occurances of /var/www/html and replaced
them with more dynamic variables.


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