cacti 0.8.1 Out

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cacti 0.8.1 Out

#1 Post by raX » Mon Jun 09, 2003 2:51 pm

This is mainly a bug fix release, be sure to grab it if you are having any problems with 0.8. Check out the complete changelog below:
-bug#40: Fixed OIDs in serveral Netware data templates.
-bug#41: Data source and graph names are lost when created from a template.
-bug#44: Fixed Host MIB logged in users OID in data template.
-bug#46: Fixed an RRDTool/PHP binary variable mixup on the install page for win32 users.
-bug#48: Changed the "Create" button on the settings page to "Save".
-bug#52: Make sure the data source/graph names are pulled down after clicking "Create", so the user can press cancel.
-bug: Changed references from $_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"] to $_SERVER["PHP_SELF"] because of strange behavior on PHP 4.3.2 under Windows.
-bug: Make sure to filter on the "cached title" for on both the data sources and graph management pages.
-bug: Fixed error when debug mode was on and the user tried to add a new graph or data source.
-bug: Take tree permissions into account when displaying the "Default Tree" dropdown on the graph settings page.
-bug: Incorrect graph title was displayed on graph tree delete confirmation.
-bug: Win32: Graphs were being exported even when the graph export path was left blank.
-bug: Exported graphs were displayed in the incorrect order.
-bug: Legends were not displayed on exported graphs.
-bug: HRULE items caused graphs to break.
-feature: You can now use negative VRULE items, such as '-12:00' to display a line 12 hours ago.
-bug: Data queries that had a non-integer index would not render graph/data source titles properly.
-auth: LDAP authentication updates

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