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New Server Stuff

#1 Post by raX » Thu Aug 28, 2003 7:53 pm

In case anyone cares, here are some general server updates.

I realize that this server was down from approx 2 AM to 12 PM EST today. A combination of a bug in cactid and the default Redhat 9 kernel caused the machine to blow up without any chance of remote recovery. An upgrade to the latest errata kernel did fix the problem, and I fixed the problem in cactid as well.

Not related to this latest outtage, I will be moving this site to a new server that a friend and I just purchased. Luckily I work for an ISP, so I get really cheap co-location rates and a lot more bandwidth than just a DS1. I will make sure to lower the TTL for the zone a day or two before the cutover so things go smoothly.

Direct any comments/questions to me.


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