cacti 0.8.3 Out

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cacti 0.8.3 Out

#1 Post by raX » Thu Aug 28, 2003 9:07 pm

It's about time... Cacti version 0.8.3 has been released! For you upgraders, I have added a more verbose installer that prints each SQL query that was run to upgrade your database and whether it was successful or not.

Also a note to all cactid/Redhat 9 users, I suggest that you upgrade your kernel to the latest errata version before using cactid. I ran into a bug with cactid that exploited a nasty bug in the kernel and caused it to panic. I added code to hopefully prevent this from happening, but I know the newest kernel does fix the bug.

Below is the changelog:

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-bug#50: When viewing a graph, only display it for the RRAs used on the graph.
-bug#66: Users can see a list of all hosts in graph preview mode.
-bug#71: Extra escape characters in the |date_time| variable output.
-bug#72: Disk space graph for ucd/net was broken for original 0.8 users.
-bug#75: Problems monitoring more than one CPU with query_host_cpu.php.
-bug#76: Cactid segfault on Solaris caused by unchecked use of NULL with
-bug#77: Cactid segfault upon a MySQL connect error.
-bug#79: Check for unique/valid data when the user selects a field to index
their new data sources off of.
-bug: Redirect user to the correct page after a forced password change.
-bug: Problems entering negative numbers for upper/lower limit fields on
graph pages.
-bug: Never try to use internal SNMP support if SNMP version 2 or 3 is 
-bug: Adding or removing data source items in a data template should update
attached data sources as well.
-bug: Problems updating certain fields when switching or turning off both
graph and data templates.
-bug: Got rid of the "Use Per-Data Source Value" checkbox where it isn't 
-bug: Strange sequence/ordering behavior after updating an already created tree 
-bug: Error message displayed instead of 'Access Denied' message.
-feature: Added host and graph template permissions for graph viewing users.
-feature: Added a new 'dual pane' tree view type that draws the graph trees
on a DHTML tree on the left side of the page.
-feature: Added the ability to add hosts to a tree.
-feature: Added a 'timespan' field to "Round Robin Archives" to determine
the timespan (in seconds) of graphs using each RRA.
-feature: Completely replaced the header images/layout for both the console
and graph viewing pages
-feature: Added a navigation bar in the header so you can keep track of your
location in the UI.
-feature: Added bandwidth summation support. See the manual for more 
-feature: Made the installer more verbose about SQL it runs during an upgrade.
-cactid: Changed threading strategy to spawn threads based on hosts.
-cactid: Created header files for each source file and moved precasts out
of cactid.h.
-cactid: A bunch of autoconf updates.

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