Release of Cacti 0.8.7i

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Release of Cacti 0.8.7i

#1 Post by rony » Sun Dec 11, 2011 10:42 pm

Release of Cacti 0.8.7i

We the Cacti Group are proud to release the following:
  • Cacti 0.8.7i
  • Spine 0.8.7i
  • Cacti 0.8.7i with Plugin Architecture version 3.1
Note with this release we are no longer making people patch Cacti to use the Plugin Architecture. We did the work for you and now provide a completely patched release of Cacti with Plugin Architecture version 3.1.

Cacti 0.8.7i Change Log
  • bug#0001963: Bandwidth summation "total in" and "total out" are always 0
  • bug#0002040: ICMP ping errors for Windows 7 with PHP 5.3
  • bug#0002062: Multiple security vulnerabilities
  • bug#0002063: Multiple value poller output incorrectly interpreted as hexadecimal value
  • bug#0002064: Removing "~" (tilde) by sanitize_uri() conflicts with Apache UserDir translation
  • bug#0002066: Graph without host id "Notice: Undefined variable: host_id"
  • bug#0002067: Custom time range filter not working
  • bug#0002068: Missing header include in analyze_database.php
  • bug#0002071: MySQL table poller_item is dropped always when "Data Input Method" is changed or added.
  • bug#0002079: Using input field of a script in graph title does not work
  • bug#0002080: Database password containing "@" does not connect
  • bug#0002083: Adding a new users generates errors in apache logs
  • bug#0002084: Incorrect normalization of hrStorageTable values over 2^31
  • bug#0002086: Incorrect usage of mysql custom tcp port
  • bug#0002087: PHP recache problems due to missing slashes in reindex table
  • bug#0002093: Unit exponent value of 0 not imported with graph template
  • bug#0002094: CDEF: "another cdef" references not included in template export
  • bug#0002106: Command line add device does not accept "None" for host template
  • bug: Update host template cli script help to fix incorrect options
  • bug: Refresh of Cacti log viewer not working
  • bug: Problems saving User Graph Permissions in IE9
  • bug: Bandwidth summation fails if NAN values are present
  • bug: Special Type Code "host_id" available in Data Queries by Not Data Input Methods
  • bug: Do not generate error messages when creating non host based graphs
  • bug: Wrong index used for Data Queries using VALUE/REGEXP
  • bug: Fix issue with title variable replacement failing when no host is associated with graph
  • bug: Cacti generating MySQL 1100 Errors when modifying the tree
  • bug: Resolved "Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array" in lib/data_query.php
  • feature: Properly support ifHighSpeed replacement variable
  • feature: Increase granularity of availability options to correct spine bug
  • feature: Replace "event count" with last changed date for host availability
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