Release of Cacti 0.8.8

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Release of Cacti 0.8.8

#1 Post by rony » Tue Apr 03, 2012 9:29 pm

Release of Cacti 0.8.8

We the Cacti Group are proud to release the following:
  • Cacti 0.8.8
  • Spine 0.8.8
The Plugin Architecture is now part of the official Cacti release!

Cacti 0.8.8 Change Log
  • bug#0002056: un-initialized datetime used for host status (was: Zero length string != NULL)
  • bug#0002081: In Graph Management, search display graph title breaks when using pattern symbol "/"
  • bug#0002132: need to include pa.sql with the 0.8.7i and future releases
  • bug#0002134: rebuild_poller_cache.php --host-id deletes table poller_item completely
  • bug#0002141: cacti.sql missing BTREE PRIMARY KEY for poller_output
  • bug#0002146: Utilities -> View Log File -> refresh does not work
  • bug#0002150: usort_data_query_index() is broken -> graph order for hosts with data query sort option fails
  • bug#0002151: When building HTML forms with sub_checkbox on_change parameter is not used
  • bug#0002152: Issue with filter on graphs_new.php
  • bug#0002153: Cant search for patterns containing a forward-slash
  • bug#0002156: CDEF strings are not escaped before passed to rrdtool command
  • bug#0002158: Minor changes to grammar of displayed messages
  • bug#0002165: Using data input field in data source name (related to 2079 in 0.8.7i)
  • bug#0002167: New poller hook poller_finishing
  • bug#0002172: structure_rra_paths.php does not handle disabled data sources
  • bug#0002174: poller_item.host_id has wrong type
  • bug#0002178: typo in include/global_form.php: Mimimum -> Minimum
  • bug#0002181: session_unregister (use in functions.php) doesn't exist anymore in PHP 5.4
  • bug#0002182: When there is no suitable (unique) index, graphs are not shown in data query ordering on host leafs
  • bug#0002189: Proper graph hooks
  • bug#0002191: Refresh issues
  • bug#0002194: changing data query XML <index_order> does not propagate to existing data sources
  • bug: Fix input validation on cli/api_device.php
  • bug: Fix issue with data source template associate command line script inserting incorrect rra information
  • bug: Fix minor display issue on data source pages
  • bug: Fix minor issue with counting items in the poller_output table
  • bug: Graph settings and settings check boxes do not allow unchecking to be saved
  • bug: Fix minor issue with plugin library caused by non-session
  • bug: Fix SQL error on data input save for non-templated graphs
  • bug: user_log index added to increase performance
  • feature: Merge Plugin Architecture into Cacti
  • feature: Added index to data_template_data to increase performance
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