Release of Cacti 1.2.3

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Release of Cacti 1.2.3

#1 Post by netniV » Sat Mar 30, 2019 6:52 pm

Release of Cacti

Thank you everyone who are using Cacti and especially those helping to make Cacti better!

For additional details check out the README located on GitHub.


Active development of Cacti is located on GitHub! Join us in making Cacti better, submit issues, fork and submit pull requests!

Cacti Change Log
  • issue#1063: Tree View does not display the last item correctly under 'Modern' theme
  • issue#2282: Install Wizard does not Detect RRDtool Version on Windows
  • issue#2430: "New Device" menu item showing as selected incorrect when "Devices" clicked
  • issue#2435: Tree View becomes narrower and narrower when expanding/collapsing nodes with long names
  • issue#2449: Index incorrectly changed to 1 if the index is alphanumeric when OID/REGEXP: or OIDVALUE/REGEXP:
  • issue#2452: Missing 'getSNMPQueries()' function when calling add_data_query.php
  • issue#2453: When running add_graphs.php, cannot retrieve list of valid snmp values
  • issue#2460: sqltable_to_php.php does not export 'default' value of columns correctly
  • issue#2456: When attempting to display actions that can be taken, having no actions caused error
  • issue#2457: When creating a graph, undefined function prevents confirmation from appearing
  • issue#2459: ss_host_disk.php attempts to return an empty array instead of a string
  • issue#2463: Partial Fix: Display zombie data sources without graphs
  • issue#2464: When viewing a User's effective permissions, disabled devices should show denied
  • issue#2465: Too many groups hide effective permission column when viewing User's effective permissions
  • issue#2466: Manual data source creation is broken
  • issue#2469: When using Matching Objects filter within Automation Graph Rules, unexpected redirect occurs
  • issue#2471: When Creating a new Graph Template, clear the Graph Template permissions cache
  • issue#2472: Bad navigation items cause Array to string conversion errors
  • issue#2474: REGEXP_SNMP_TRIM does not handle Gauge fields properly
  • issue#2475: When resetting filters, multiple sort session variables do not always reset properly
  • issue#2476: When using CMD.PHP for polling, device polling time is not updated
  • issue#2477: When saving a Data Input Method, Output Field name changes to incorrect value
  • issue#2478: When saving a LINEX type Graph Item, the Line Width value is too restrictive
  • issue#2479: RPN function select list should be sorted when editing CDEF and VDEF's
  • issue#2480: RRDtool versions in Cacti not granular enough
  • issue#2482: When upgrading past 1.1.34, upgrade attempts to drop a non-existing primary key
  • issue#2491: Data Source Info suggests commands RRDTool can't honor
  • issue#2492: When data templates are filtered by profile, data source list does not get same filter applied
  • issue#2493: Data Source Info is not separated properly
  • issue#2494: User Login History is not fully enabled for translations
  • issue#2497: When linking to Graphs, unless both start and end are specified, only defaults are used
  • issue#2499: Data Source reapply names does not update name from data query or template.
  • issue#2500: Allow Data Source repairs from the Data Source Debug and Data Source Info pages
  • issue#2502: Unable to have a min or max value for RRDfile at zero '0'
  • issue#2503: The Cacti Statistics Device Template is not include in release
  • issue#2509: When checking for correct Unicode, minimum MySQL version is incorrect
  • issue#2513: When a plugin INFO file is malformed or missing elements, plugin_load_info_file() should fill missing
  • elements with defaults
  • issue#2519: When editing a data query, graph template picker shows poor performance
  • issue#2518: Unexpected errors when filtering Data Sources with invalid 'rows' value
  • issue#2522: When upgrading from pre-1.0.0, colors were not upgraded properly by Givo29
  • issue#2525: Tree branches that includes sites which have valid devices do not appear on Graph Tree
  • issue#2527: When importing a package, if Cacti version is below the version which that exported, a clear message should
  • be shown
  • issue#2531: When updating color template items, the table name used is incorrect by Givo29
  • issue#2535: Ensure Graph ListView uses same UI logic as Graph Management
  • issue#2537: Incorrect title showing when changes are made to Tree
  • issue#2543: Poor performance showing a device's graphs on a tree
  • issue#2547: RRD values are not being properly trimmed
  • issue#2551: When checking MySQL configuration values, consider ON/OFF to be equal to 1/0
  • issue#2553: When upgrading from 1.0.0 or below, renaming automation columns can cause issues
  • issue#2555: Missing configuration defaults prevent installations/upgrades without showing reason
  • issue#2563: When sorting Data Sources, missing index causes unnecessary delays
  • issue#2564: Filtering for Orphan Data Sources is unreliable
  • issue#2565: Pages with 500+ selectable items in a single able can suffer from poor performance
  • issue#2568: When querying for diagnostic data, devices on remote pollers should proxy the request
  • issue#2571: External Links do not properly validate user permissions
  • issue#2575: Poller errors occur if a file exists that the website cannot read
  • issue#2576: Spikekill API does not work when called from plugins
  • issue#2578: When importing packages, missing/new resources are not created
  • issue#2581: When viewing poller cache, Device SNMP community is not properly escaped
  • issue#2583: When JSON module is not installed, Installer does not correctly show missing message
  • issue#2584: When user/group permissions are reset, this is not reflected immediately to the end user
  • feature: Update phpseclib to version 2.0.15
  • feature: Adjust the max table rows based upon value of 'max_input_vars'
  • feature#2505: Improve performance of Data Source Statistics
  • feature#2515: Allow more than one SNMP port to be specified when adding devices via CLI
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