Fixes for cacti 0.6.1

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#1 Post by raX » Fri Nov 30, 2001 9:35 pm

For the next release of cacti I am mostly focusing on cleanups installation issues. Here are some of the things I have so far, tell me if you think of anything else.

- Updated the documentation to include information about requirements and dependencies.
- Changed to the PASSWORD() function for my auth code to fix various MySQL issues.
- Made config.php easier to read/understand.
- Several issues with /var/www/html being in the database, you can now use <path_cacti> in data input paths to represent cacti's path.
- From now on, a file called environment.php will ship in cacti's directory. It is designed to check the validity of cacti's paths and database credentials. It will also handle updating the database from previous versions. You will not be able to use cacti until this file is removed, for security reasons mostly.

I probably won't be releasing this version for another few days, so feel free to update me on any issues that you may be having so we can get the big issues out of the way.


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#2 Post by Guest » Sat Dec 01, 2001 1:23 am

Needs better docs. Nice UI though, might want to scale down the images a bit, or have an option to turn them off.

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