[INFO] Data Query returns 0 indices when using SNMP V2c

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[INFO] Data Query returns 0 indices when using SNMP V2c

#1 Post by gandalf » Fri Oct 17, 2008 3:48 am

With 087b, Cacti performs

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snmpbulkwalk -c ... -v 2c -O Qn -Cr50 ... <host> <OID>
Please try this on your target.
An assumption would be, that the target does not support snmpbulkwalk.
Using 087b, a workaround would be to use SNMP V1; cacti will use snmpwalk, then.
Or check out 087c BETA1. This version allows using SNMP V2c. In this case, when setting the maximum number of OIDs to 1 for this host, cacti will automatically switch to using snmpwalk instead of snmpbulkwalk

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