Host down Count and other things - Monitor Plugin

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Host down Count and other things - Monitor Plugin

#1 Post by Xe03 » Thu Jul 19, 2012 1:10 pm

I am currently monitorying 6800 hosts via SNMP Uptim and UDP Ping -

Poller: Spine
Poller Inteval: 10 Seconds
Cron Interval: 5 minutes
Max Concurrent Poller Processes 8

Max Threads: 20
PHP script SErvers 10
Script Timeout Value: 30
SNMP Get Requests: 100

Is there another plugin or a way that I can have a count of: UP - X Down - X Average Down Time Average Up Time Average Ping Tiem AND a counter that counts down the next time the page will be refreshed?

This is all for the lamens that like to see pretty flashy things, to see what is going on network wide.

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