recover graphs when connection goes down

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recover graphs when connection goes down

#1 Post by ketan985 » Sat Feb 23, 2013 4:01 am

Hi friends I am going request and a want to impliment new feature it will help to recover graphs when connection between cacti and hosts will fail.

Currently I am using cacti to monitering my remote servers in another region. Cacti is working very fine but I get problem when my network goes down. Since all servers remains working but I can't get graphs of that after reseting connection.

I am looking for solution to recover graphs. I have planned as folllowing.

Problem Analysis and Solution

When connection will be fail, server will not receive snmp request from cacti server.
Here we need such a scrpit that at client side it will detect that there is not snmp data going through 161 port ( using netstat command). and store snmp data in some database.

On server site we can setup someplugin to pull out that data from that database. Or design some agent to collect data when there is no request from cacti server. On server site we need plugin or agent that collect data from host and cfill in graph.

This will be amazing feature. it will help to recover data when our connection between cacti and server goes fail.

Ketan K. Patel

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Re: recover graphs when connection goes down

#2 Post by gandalf » Wed Mar 06, 2013 3:06 pm

This has been discussed under the topic of "globally distributed polling". Still, there's no code for that. You may want to see the related plugin published recently, but it may tackle a different target, not that sure.

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