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 Post subject: Enhance Structured path setting
PostPosted: Tue Oct 20, 2015 3:52 am 
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Can we change the structured path setting to be more flexible i.e. by providing a template ?

Or at least add the poller_id to the structured path ( example shown below ).

This would allow us to have different storages (iSCSI, harddisks, NFS) for each poller so it scales a lot better.

lib/functions.php ( around line 2237 ):
/* generate_data_source_path - creates a new data source path from scratch using the first data source
     item name and updates the database with the new value
   @arg $local_data_id - (int) the ID of the data source to generate a new path for
   @returns - the new generated path */
function generate_data_source_path($local_data_id) {
        global $config;

        $host_part = ""; $ds_part = "";

        $extended_paths = read_config_option("extended_paths");

        /* try any prepend the name with the host description */
        $host = db_fetch_row("SELECT
                FROM (host, data_local)
                LIMIT 1");

        $host_name = $host["description"];
        $host_id   = $host["id"];
        $host_poller_id = $host["poller_id"];

        /* put it all together using the local_data_id at the end */
        if ($extended_paths == "on") {
                $new_path = "<path_rra>/$host_poller_id/$host_id/$local_data_id.rrd";
                if (!empty($host_name)) {
                        $host_part = strtolower(clean_up_file_name($host_name)) . "_";

                /* then try and use the internal DS name to identify it */
                $data_source_rrd_name = db_fetch_cell("SELECT data_source_name
                        FROM data_template_rrd
                        WHERE local_data_id=$local_data_id
                        ORDER BY id");

                if (!empty($data_source_rrd_name)) {
                        $ds_part = strtolower(clean_up_file_name($data_source_rrd_name));
                        $ds_part = "ds";

                $new_path = "<path_rra>/$host_part$ds_part" . "_" . "$local_data_id.rrd";

        /* update our changes to the db */
        db_execute("UPDATE data_template_data SET data_source_path='$new_path' WHERE local_data_id=$local_data_id");

        return $new_path;

cli/structure_rra_paths.php ( from line 92: )
/* fetch all DS having wrong path */
$data_sources = db_fetch_assoc("SELECT
                                CONCAT('<path_rra>/', poller_id, '/', host_id,'/', local_data_id, '.rrd') AS new_data_source_path,
                                REPLACE(data_source_path, '<path_rra>', '$base_rra_path') AS rrd_path,
                                REPLACE(CONCAT('<path_rra>/', poller_id, '/', host_id, '/', local_data_id, '.rrd'), '<path_rra>', '$base_rra_path') AS new_rrd_path
                                        FROM data_template_data
                                        INNER JOIN data_local ON
                                        INNER JOIN host ON
                                WHERE data_source_path != CONCAT('<path_rra>/', poller_id, '/', host_id, '/', local_data_id, '.rrd')"
                                 . ($hostId === NULL ? "" : " AND host_id=$hostId"));

/* setup some counters */
$done_count   = 0;
$warn_count   = 0;

/* scan all data sources */
foreach ($data_sources as $info) {
        $new_base_path = "$base_rra_path" . "/" . $info["poller_id"] . '/' . $info["host_id"];
        $new_rrd_path  = $info["new_rrd_path"];
        $old_rrd_path  = $info["rrd_path"];

        /* create one subfolder for every host */
        if (!is_dir($new_base_path)) {
                /* see if we can create the dirctory for the new file */
                if (mkdir($new_base_path, 0775, true)) {
                        echo "NOTE: New Directory '$new_base_path' Created for RRD Files\n";

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 Post subject: Re: Enhance Structured path setting
PostPosted: Wed Nov 18, 2015 3:32 am 
Cacti User

Joined: Mon Jul 24, 2006 7:20 am
Posts: 51
Location: Braunschweig, Germany
Hi phalek,

now is winter in germany and I will have a look to my plugin. :D
The idea with the structured path setting for the rrd files is good, so i think. I will test to build this in the plugin as an option to use. The idea with the plugin was basic a feature only for local cluster so the rrd files were good reversed to only one NFS storage :roll:
But the other idea is to connect the poller over VPN so the location for the rrd files were better on local poller.

Unhappily I┬┤am not longer works as network admin in a big network infrastructur (switches with snmp), in this time, the plugin work on one real server with 3-4 virtual server and a snmp simulation over java. :oops: In this case the development is not so system near as in last times.

But i will have a look to integrate the structured path setting for the rrd files in one of the next updates.

Best Regards,


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