cacti 0.6.8 Out

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cacti 0.6.8 Out

#1 Post by raX » Wed May 08, 2002 7:01 pm

I got around to releasing version 0.6.8 this evening. Mostly bug fixes and a few minor updates. Here is the complete list:

-feature: Added the following new rrdtool graph options: --units-exponent value,
--unit, and --logarithmic.
-feature: Added the ability to show exact numbers in GPRINT, users can now
specify a custom GPRINT string on a per-graph item basis.
-bug: Any data input source with more than one output would be added as a
multi-data source .rrd file.
-bug: Some data source file name issues.
-bug: Cacti now checks to see if a host exists when adding it to be graphed.
-feature: There is now an optional "remove verification" for most of cacti's
-feature: There is a "logout" button when viewing graphs (not for the guest user).
-docs: Updated the Win32 docs (thanks Larry).
-bug: Fixed some rare HTML "multipart/form" bugs with PHP.
-feature: Added a "Default View Mode" for each user when viewing graphs.
-bug: Fixed some bugs where you would change a parent graph item to a child
or a child graph item to a parent when graph grouping was turned on.
-bug: Fixed some potential security bugs by eliminating cacti's use
of cookies.



Found small bug in rrd_functions

#2 Post by guest » Wed Jun 05, 2002 9:30 am


I did found a small bug in rrd_functions.php
At the end of function rrdtool_function_update the variable Log_update is checked and $log_data is made "true" if this value is "on"
Only the function rrdtool_execute is called with "true" instead of $log_data"

This means that always the updates are logged! (your logfile could get big..)

Karel Speulman

Love the tool very much :P

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