cacti 0.6.4 Out

Important information about Cacti developments that all users should be interested in.

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#1 Post by raX » Mon Jan 28, 2002 8:20 pm

The hounds have been released... Here is what's new:

-bug: You can now add the same CDEF to multiple data sources in the
same graph.
-feature: Ability to "sync" changes with the .rrd file with rrdtool's
TUNE function. Cacti also tries to fill in internal data source path
and name information to keep graphs from "breaking" when possible.
-settings: You can now change the PHP Binary path from within cacti.
-feature: Cacti can now export static images/html files when it gathers
data like MRTG did.
-feature: Multiple graph hierarchies are supported.
-feature: You can now "zoom in" on any portion of the graph hierarchy
by clicking on a header item.
-bug: Some changes were made to make cacti more win32 complaint; a tutorial
on how to setup cacti on win32 can be found on the raXnet page.
-feature: You can now create all graphs for an SNMP host with one click.
-feature: You can customize the graph title when creating graphs using
the 'Make Graph' or 'Make All Graphs' link.
-feature: Data sources in cacti are no longer limited to 19 characters.
If you create a data source name that rrdtool will not like, cacti will
automatically modify the name and save it internally for rrdtool-only use.


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