Mactrack newbie problem

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Mactrack newbie problem

#1 Post by kdzida » Fri Apr 26, 2013 3:11 am


I am using cacti for some time now and decided to add the Mactrack plugin to it. Unfortunately I have a trouble. The Mactrack doesn't seem to work. Cacti Log states that:

MACTRACK: Poller[0] WARNING: SITE: M(cut), IP: 192.168.1.(cut), TYPE: ProCurve J9022A Switch 2810-48G, revisio, ERROR: Device Type Not Found in Device Type Table.

The same situation is with all switches I added. Non seem to work. What am I doing wrong? I'm total newbie in Mactrack. I'm running Cacti 8.8a + Mactrack 2.9-1.
And type
hp-type.png (94.22 KiB) Viewed 2431 times
Typical device
HP-device.png (110.97 KiB) Viewed 2431 times
Device list
Devices2.png (29.83 KiB) Viewed 2431 times
Site list
sites2.png (15.6 KiB) Viewed 2432 times

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Re: Mactrack newbie problem

#2 Post by asterixlinux » Wed May 15, 2013 6:15 am

this is my configuration with HP ProCurve j9020a Switch 2510-48 with ObjectID: .
Work fine with Mactrack --> Macaddress
HP_Procurve_2510_49_j9020a .png
HP_Procurve_2510_49_j9020a .png (120.65 KiB) Viewed 2320 times

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Re: Mactrack newbie problem

#3 Post by kdzida » Thu May 23, 2013 12:20 am

Big thanks!!!

I copied your config to my HP switch and it works! In the meantime I managed to get all other switches on my network to work except Cisco switches (and HP till now). Well Cisco switches work but don't show any active MACs :( I will try to handle it from here. Again thanks!

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