Cisco D9824 Signal Level OID issue

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Cisco D9824 Signal Level OID issue

#1 Post by Carlossu » Mon Jun 15, 2015 4:15 pm


I just find the OID that brings the Signal Level of the Cisco D9824 satellite receiver, however I am having some issues when I try to graph the value, it is a negative value, when I do a snmpwalk it brings the value perfectly, however when I try to create the graph on cacti, they do not show anything, the only weird stuff when I do the snmpwalk is the following:

The snmpwalk response is the following: SNMPv2-SMI::enterprise.1429. = STRING: " -47"

It seems to be right, however as you can see on the value, just after the quotation marks we see a blank space and then the negative value which is the signal level, is interesting because with another OID´s I don´t have this issue, for example they bring the value without the blank space after the quotation marks y I can graph the value on cacti without problems.

My questions is, could that blank space affect when I try to graph it on cacti and it is why I can not see anything in the graphs??

I will appreciate some help. thanks.

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