Release of Cacti 1.1.1

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Release of Cacti 1.1.1

#1 Post by rony » Mon Mar 27, 2017 10:03 pm

Release of Cacti 1.1.1

Special thanks to all that have helped by contributing code and reporting issues on GitHub! We would not be where we are today without the help. Let's continue to grow the Cacti community!

For additional details check out the README located on GitHub.

Active development of Cacti is located on GitHub! Join us in making Cacti better, submit issues, fork and submit pull requests!

Cacti Change Log
  • issue#457: Continued LDAP issues with initial user creation
  • issue#461: The function escapeshell arg not appropriate on Windows
  • issue#462: LDAP authorization issues: group membership check broken for 'Group Member Type' = 'Username'
  • issue#464: Change default batch spike removal limits for standard deviation and variance
  • issue#465: Less than sign inside items and labels of graph break graph
  • issue#466: Call to member function row() on a non-object in lib/snmpagent.php
  • issue#467: Reduce the number of queries in log function
  • issue#472: Schema changes to improve performance
  • issue#485: When editing a device, the ping status was not always returned
  • issue: Back button issues due to syntax problems in JavaScript
  • issue: Zoom periodically would loose it's crosshairs after zooming
  • issue: Zoom would zoom out into the future even when disabled
  • issue: Fixing lite corruption in graph_templates_item table
  • feature: Make SpikeKill options more consistent
  • feature#459: Add variable date time option to report mail subject
  • feature#460: Add external_id to host variables
  • feature#469: Change re-index method of Data Query from Device edit
  • feature: Support generalized date format approach in the GUI
  • feature: Use localStorage over a Cookie for Zoom setting storage
  • feature: Fully implement 'Remove Orphans' from Package import process
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