Release of Cacti 1.1.36

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Release of Cacti 1.1.36

#1 Post by rony » Sun Feb 25, 2018 8:35 pm

Release of Cacti

Thank you everyone who are using Cacti and especially those helping to make Cacti better!

Special thanks to @netniV for his considerable efforts improving the stability and usability of Cacti! Thanks @netniV!!!

Development efforts are now focused on the 1.2 version of Cacti and completing the planned features.

For additional details check out the README located on GitHub.


Active development of Cacti is located on GitHub! Join us in making Cacti better, submit issues, fork and submit pull requests!

Cacti Change Log
  • issue#934: Template names missing in graph management list
  • issue#1211: CDEF and VDEF Item Edit do not use correct procedures
  • issue#1250: Language support does not support localization properly
  • issue#1331: Log Rotation should occur at midnight on system
  • issue#1334: Console->Users->(Edit) Permissions checkmark descriptions missing
  • issue#1336: Debian test suite reports php error
  • issue#1338: Allow automation to be run in debug mode from GUI
  • issue#1339: First graph of second page does not render
  • issue#1340: Unable to open Time Graph View in new tab
  • issue#1348: Toggle context menu of Zoom
  • issue#1351: Errorimage does not render on systems without GD ttf support
  • issue#1353: New installation without config.php silently throws errors
  • issue#1355: Single tree can have the order of the tree changed
  • issue#1357: Data Profile disable fields shown temporarily as editable
  • issue#1359: Settings page generates error for removed plugin tab
  • issue#1362: DSStats Avg/Peak function broken due to change in RRDtool processing
  • issue#1365: Plugin Management enforce folder name
  • issue#1366: Improve error/info message display
  • issue#1380: Potential failure when updating script type
  • issue#1384: When installing/enabling plugins, current user and admin should get permissions
  • issue#1386: form_selectable_cell() ignores width if no style_or_class is passed
  • issue#1389: Poller is including plugins that are not installed
  • issue#1390: Plugin uninstall should prompt user before removal
  • issue#1396: Prevent installation/uninstallation of a plugin if dependency is present
  • issue#1397: Distinguish between plugin tabs and core tabs in settings
  • issue: Allow dynamic setting of from name when emailing
  • issue: Data Query Cache filter layout more consistent
  • issue: Minor plugin permissions format change
  • issue: Implementation of error handling causes errors creating New Graphs
  • issue: Deprecated DDStats setting removed
  • issue: Graph context menu items are now context aware
  • issue: Validate spine path before allowing enabling of spine
  • issue: Errored settings fields now highlighted correctly on error
  • issue: Add the Default Device to the Default Tree at install time
  • issue: Secpass password verification error message unuseful
  • feature: Searching of SNMP Index in View Data Query Cache now works
  • feature: Presets now have default device Template
  • feature: JavaScript library c3.js updated (v0.4.21) / jstree.js (3.3.5)
  • feature: PHPSecLib updated 2.0.10
  • feature: Updated Dutch translations
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